2 years ago

Blizzard Uncover many the information around World of Warcraft’s main function, BlizzCon 2015

For supporters of World of Warcraft, there’s only really just one event on the calendar that matters and that’s BlizzCon. As you’re likely by now aware, BlizzCon 2015 is practically upon us and Blizzard include revealed all the d read more...

3 years ago

A great Introductory Guide to World of Warcraft for novices

For anyone on the PC games scene, you’ve likely read the name World of Warcraft thrown with regards to a fair amount. That’s hardly surprising given the immense interest in the game, but what exactly is usually World of Warcraft?


3 years ago

Welcome to my blog

Hey,everybody.This is my first blog.Nice to meet you ! I am Antonia Ophelia.What's your name ? I come to Canada almost three years. I love this place because I make more friends here. My friends and I have common hobby that is to play read more...